Online education
for smarter businesses

We offer software as a service for online education products (EmailTrainer, Open edX & Webinars)

What we excel at

We offer scalable Learning Management Systems (LMS) as a service for your business. Take advantage of cutting edge technology & pedagogical best practises with our platforms.

Easy To Use

Our tools are designed to be user friendly as well as easy & fun to use.

Clear Message

Our experienced trainers know how to present concepts in a clear & concise manner.

Cloud Based

Scaleable cloud technology means that the platform can grow as your business grows.


All our systems are designed to work on desktops, tablets & mobile devces.

Email Based

A platform without a platform, we can delivery educational content to your inbox.


Rediscover the magic of great education together with us!

Easy to use

After an initial consultation we will customise your own cloud based installation of Open edX. All your information is securely stored on an Amazon Web Server (AWS).

Built to scale

Our system grows as you grow. Adding capacity for more users, courses or trainers is already taken into account.

High Availability

We monitor your learning platform to insure your employees can learn 24/7/365.

Awesome design

We customise the platform to fit your corporate identity or brand. We want the focus to be the education material, and the platform is just the chrome around it.

User Experience

Open edX is easy to use, we follow the "Principle of least astonishment", in that it just works the way you expect it should work.

Modern tools

We offer tools to make learning interactive & fun, for example videos with variable playback speed gives the user more control.

Cloud based

In association with Amazon Web Services & Wistia our platform is scalable, flexible & secure.

Cloud hosting

Elastic cloud hosting means that we can grow as your needs change. We can delopy your system in 4 locations: Asia, Europe, South America & the USA.

Video hosting

We support a number of video hosting platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and our own hosting. Interactive transcripts are also supported.


We provide flexible pricing models, without a minimum contract length. On yearly plans, we offer a discounts of 16%.




100 users

10 courses

10 video hours

10GB storage

weekly backups




1000 users

50 courses

40 video hours

50GB storage

daily backups




250 users

15 courses

20 video hours

20GB storage

daily backups

Custom pricing plans are available for plans over 1000 users.

What we offer

  • Open edX - a modern & open source Learning Management System (LMS).
  • EmailTrainer - intelligent scheduling of email based training. Perfect for recurring or distributed courses.
  • GoToMeeting - offering a blended experience, we have partnered with Citrix to deliver the latest in webinar technology.
  • Consultancy Partnership - our clients are the subject matter experts, but often need help in realising their education content.

Frequent questions

Here are a few questions that come up from time to time.

What is the minimum contract length?

We don't believe in holding your business to long contracts. Plans can be cancelled on a month by month basis.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a 16% discount for yearly subscriptions. We also offer discounts for education institutes, charaties & for businesses over 1,000 employees.

Can you help creating education content?

Yes ! We can help create, manage & maintain your educational content.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept bank transfers & credit card transactions. All platforms must be prepaid.

Does your platform support multiple languages

We currently support: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese & German.

Do you support Webinars?

Yes! We are a corporate partner of GoToMeeting by Citrix.


More screenshots

Here's are some screenshots from the Open edX platform.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

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